Our Quality

The two factors that are vital to the success of the company are the quality of our products and their consequent smooth application that would assure their long run. Lapses in quality can affect risk management efforts, hinder regulatory compliance or compromise customer satisfaction. To ensure that our products and solutions stand up to the challenge, Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Implements robust quality process frameworks and thoroughly validates every application.

Our quality frameworks use rigorous validation methodologies to deliver high quality, near zero defect solutions. Our Chains and Sprockets are as per BSS/ASA/ISO/Russian or any other international standard. Thus, we ensure high reliability, availability and stability of applications. These are achieved through a combination of risk based testing, effective processes and strong knowledge management.

Backbone of Conveyor Chain & Sprockets is its Heat Treatment given to it. Tripcon has got the latest technology for imparting Heat Treatment to its components and it ensures better hardness for achieving better wear resistance and robust strength. Tripcon not only keeps customer in the centre but also quality in the centre. Tripcon selects the processes & material keeping in minds the application and the factor of safety which ensure high strength and durability.

Every Product made at Tripcon has to pass through rigorous Quality control to ensure 100% trouble free operations on site. Tripcon strictly adheres to its Quality Assurance Plan in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008.